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Guides Title Turn Signal Switch Modification for AE86 Kouki Bumper Lenses
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This is the wiring diagram showing how the turn signal switch assembly needs to be modified so that the clearance lights (clear lenses) go on and stay on, when the turn signal in that assembly is blinking. Two power lines need to be run from the lenses to the turn signal switch. And you'll need to find a 12v power source to light the lenses (10A fuse rating, or put one in-line).

Turn Signal Wiring Schematic

This is what it should look like when you're done with it. (It could look better but should not look worse). The relay pigtail could be longer, but must not be shorter than shown or the under dash cover will not fit properly.

Modified Turn Signal Assembly

If you are looking for an oem connector to plug into the kouki lens assembly (as the stock connector is 3 wire and round) then get the connector that would plug into a cigarette lighter harness. Obviously you would need two, one for each lens. I'm pretty sure that most 80's Toyota's all used this type of connector into the cigarette lighter harness.



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