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Guides Title AE86 Cone Filter Modification
Name image 4Aaron GE
So it's been four years, and I've finally gotten around to getting a cone filter for my AE86. About damn time too.


Materials Needed

$5 - $20CAD - AFM adaptor: The AFM bolts directly to the airbox, so you need this to mount the filter to the AFM.  I got mine from a Bosch unit inside a Renault.  Other European cars of similar displacement with EFI should have this piece.  They are also available on some older Z cars.
$5CAD - Stock intake pipe (optional) - I hacked one up to fit this.  Get another one if you want to be able to go back to stock so you can run in another class at AutoX.
$60CAD - Aftermarket filter: Just get whatever fits.  I'm using K&N P/N RU-4450.  RC-9350 would have fit better, but I'm not paying twice as much for a chrome cap.
Other stuff from around the house: Bit of pipe, epoxy or contact cement, block of something.


Step 1:  Trim the intake pipe where the corrugations are.  Leave the wide bits on the ends of both of the remaining segments, as shown in the picture.

Parts 1
K&N filter, original and modified pipe, and AFM adapter.
Parts 2
I've used a piece of a speaker port again to attach the two pieces.
Step 2:  Use your epoxy or contact cement to attach the two pieces with your pipe/port.  Let it dry.  I've added a hose clamp on top to be safe.

Step 3:  While it's drying start removing the airbox assembly. There are 3 or 4 bolts holding it on to the chassis.  Also unbolt that little vacuum line thingy from the AFM, but don't lose the bolt.  Pull the vacuum line from the intake pipe too.

Step 4:  Put the adapter on the AFM.  I re-used the gasket that was between the AFM and the airbox.  Now would be a good time to test fit the filter.

Modded instake pipe
Intake pipe like after modification.
Cone Filter Mounted
AFM with filter mounted
Step 6:  Now put the shortened intake pipe onto the AFM, and tighten everything; You're not going to be able to remove the filter without messing with the whole assembly anyways.

Step 7:  Here's the tricky part: putting it in.  I found it was useful to put the filter in the corner and then lower the rest into place.

Step 8:  Once you have the pipe on the TB and tightened, get something to prop up the AFM, as to relieve some of the stress on the pipe.  Caution: if you pull up too hard on the filter putting in your support, you can separate the joint we just made in the tube, and you'll have to start over again.

Step 9:  Bolt that vacuum thingy back to the AFM, and hook the vacuum lines and AFM harness back up.

AFM Final
Hook up the AFM, and it's done.
My idle changed a little when I did this, so you might want to adjust that before you go anywhere.


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