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Name image Jeff Lange

Fifth Generation RWD Corolla Changes - Year to Year

Model Years of Production: 1984 - 1987
Chassis Code: AE86
Versions: DX, SR5 and GT-S (85+ Only)
Drag Coefficient: 0.39

There are 3 types of Corolla Sport RWD: DX, SR5, and GT-S, it seems that DX was more of an internal designation, as brochures, etc do not include it, as far as I know it was more of an interior trim level, as most everything else is the exact same as the SR5. I'm going to group it with the SR5 in this list, as that is the commonly used name for all Corolla Sport models that are not GT-S equipped.

Toyota Corolla SR5 Specifications:

Horsepower: 70 @ 4800rpm
Torque: 85 ft-lbs @ 2800rpm
Weight: approx. 2200-2400
Engine: 4A-C 1587cc
Engine Type: SOHC 8-valve Inline-4 Carbeurated
M/T Transmission: T50, 6-bolt flywheel
A/T Transmission: A42DL, 4-speed overdrive w/lockup torque converter, mechanically controlled except for electronically engaged overdrive
Compression: 9.0:1
Differential: 6.38" Open with 4.10:1 Ratio, 2-pinion (Automatic) (S292) or 3.91:1 Ratio, 4-pinion (5-speed) (S314)
Wheels/Tires: 13x5" +33mm Offset Rims with 185/70-13 Tires
VIN: JT2AE86....

Toyota Corolla GT-S Specifications:

Horsepower: 112 @ 6600rpm
Torque: 97 ft-lbs @ 4800rpm
Weight: approx. 2200-2400
Engine: 4A-GEC 1587cc
Engine Type: DOHC 16-valve Inline-4 Multiport Fuel Injection w/T-VIS
Transmission: T50, 8-bolt flywheel
Injector Size: approx. 180cc, low impedance
Compression: 9.4:1
Differential: 6.7" Open (T282) or optional LSD (USA Only) (T283) with 4.30:1 Ratio, 2-pinion
Wheels/Tires: 14x5.5" +27mm Offset Rims with 185/60-14 Tires (195/60-14 for 86+ models)
VIN: JT2AE88....

1984 (August 1983 - July 1984)

Introduced with a new body/interior over a very similar chassis to the AE71 Corolla it replaced
Available in both 3-door liftback and 2-door coupe versions
Only available with the 4A-C engine
Optional 4-spoke alloy wheels
Sunroof optional
Cruise control optional
Cruise control changed from switches mounted on the left side of the steering wheel to a stalk on the right of the steering column (1/84+)
Automatic and 5-speed optional
Air conditioning optional
Power mirrors optional
Optional 3-spoke steering wheel (Canada Only)
Climate control has descriptors on it (FOOT, COLD, WARM)
Map lights standard (Sunroof cars Only)
Rear window wiper optional
Power steering optional
Radiator fan shroud added on models with A/C
"Sport Interior" optional, interior is simlar to standard GT-S interior made standard in 85
Some vehicles with "Sport Interior" have cloth map pockets on doors, otherwise hard plastic
Interior Colours: Beige, Blue

1985 (August 1984 - July 1985)

GT-S Introduced
Rear disc brakes standard (GT-S only)
5-speed only available (GT-S only)
Automatic and 5-speed still optional (SR5 Only)
Large decals added on fender, door, and quarter panels (GT-S Only)
Leather steering wheel and shift knob standard (GT-S Only)
"Sport Interior" no longer optional (SR5 only)
"Sport Interior" standard with 6-way adjustable driver's seat (GT-S Only)
Optional 3-spoke SR5 steering wheel no longer optional (Canada, SR5 Only)
3-spoke steering wheel standard (Canada, GT-S Only)
LSD optional (USA, GT-S Only)
Blank plate added beside e-brake (5/85+)
Clutch-start switch added (2/85+)
Spoiler added (GT-S, 3-door Only)
14x5.5" wheels standard (GT-S Only)
Silver and Gold "Pizza-Cutter" alloy wheels optional (GT-S Only)
Front bumper lower lip spoiler added (GT-S Only)
150mph/240km/h speedometer added (GT-S Only)
7500rpm redline tachometer added (GT-S Only)
Bumpers changed to the same colour as the car is painted (GT-S Only)
Side trim changed to same colour as the car is painted (GT-S Only)
Oil Pressure gauge added to gauge cluster (GT-S Only)
Trunk badging changed to a decal-type instead of the emblem "SR5" on 84 models
Brake lines changed from a 7-line setup to a 5-line setup (5/85+)
SR5 Interior Colours: Maroon, Grey, Blue
GT-S Interior Colours: Maroon, Grey

1986 (August 1985 - July 1986)

Corolla Sport receives it's first major cosmetic update
Power Windows option added (GT-S Only)
Interior cloth changed from tweed-type to velour type with checker pattern (GT-S Only)
Door panels changed to cloth type from vinyl type (GT-S Only)
Doors received seperate arm rests that screw on instead of the moulded vinyl type (GT-S Only)
Rear axles changed to a larger diameter (10/85+, GT-S Only)
Updated clutch master cylinder design, less squealing
Automatic transmission shifter updated to a nicer look (SR5 Only)
Seat design updated, back changed to a single pad, from a 3-pad setup, hard shell extended upwards (GT-S Only)
Steering wheel updated from a square horn to a more rounded (6-sided) design (USA, GT-S Only)
Tail lights updated, black plastic garnish added around license plate
Spoiler removed (GT-S, 3-door Only)
Black plastic trunk garnish added (GT-S, 2-door Only)
Black plastic wheel opening trim added (GT-S Only)
Optional alloy wheels changed to a spoked "Snowflake" design, only available in silver (GT-S Only)
Optional alloy wheels changed to a 7-spoke design (SR5 Only)
Vacuum pump added to cruise control system
Vacuum switch added to cruise control system (4/86+ Only)
Headlight garnishes changed to a more curved, reflector design from a flat black design
Front side markers changed to match front headlight garnishes
Front grille enlarged to extend underneath front headlights, bumper extensions appropriately made smaller
3rd brake light added (CHSML) to comply with federal regulations
Gauge cluster illumination changed from green to white
Faint vertical lines added to gauge cluster background
Gauge cluster needles changed to white, and design changed
Smaller gauges changed to white needles, with different markings
Headliner changed from vinyl type to a fuzzy cloth type
Sun visors changed from all-vinyl to half vinyl/half fuzzy cloth type
Sun visor shape changed to block more sun above the rear view mirror
Climate control changed to an all-symbol design with a more textured feel to it
Front/rear seat movement handle changed from inner section to outer section of front seats
Cutout added on rear privacy cover for 3rd brake light (3-door Only)
Switches on the dash (rear defog, rear wiper switch) now light up at night
Clock on dash now has the lettering all black, instead of being offset in white
Side decals made much smaller and are now only on the doors, not fenders or quarter panels (GT-S Only)
"Diagnostic" terminal replaces 2-pin short-out terminal to get information from vehicle components and put engine in diagnostic mode
Horn moved from underneath headlight to hood latch support
Trunk decals changed to a gradient design from the lined type (Silver to black)
Gas tank receives baffling to prevent starving the fuel pump around corners when low on gas
Steering rack changed slightly, slightly smaller, with larger bushings to compensate when mounting
SR5 Interior Colours: Black, Blue, Maroon
GT-S Interior Colours: Black, Blue

1987 (August 1986 - July 1987)

Almost a direct carry over from 1986, with several small differences
"Sport Interior" made optional, though most cars still have it (GT-S Only)
Cloth changed back to tweed type from velour (GT-S with "Sport Interior" Only)
Headrest changed to cloth-type from vinyl (SR5, GT-S without "Sport Interior" Only)
3-doors are much harder to come by, but are still available, 2-door more available (USA, GT-S Only)
Radio connector changed to the new Toyota standard plugs, used on almost all Toyotas until 2000
Some vehicles are equipped with the later, stronger 7-rib block, while retaining the smaller, lighter internals (GT-S Only)
SR5 Interior Colours: Black, Blue, Maroon
GT-S Interior Colours: Black, Blue

There are also a few other changes made, but I'm not entirely sure when they happened. There are other SR5 year changes, I'm not as well versed in SR5-tech.


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