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Guides Title Cheap Short Stroke Strut Options for AE86/Cressida/Supra
Name image jp86
the ae86, the 81-88 cressidas, and 82-86 supras, all use the same front strut cartridge, even same part #.
with that said, the 87+ mk1 oem aw11 rear cartridges are noticeably stiffer than the ae86/cress/supra front cartridge.

here's the good news for anyone wanting to build COILOVERS, the 87+ mk1 aw11 rear cartridge is also 50mm shorter then the ae86/cress/supra unit! that's 2" more travel for ya!
so any performance aw11 cartridge will work as a nice stiff short stroke in a ae86/cress/supra.

here's some good news for mx cress/ ma supra owners, there rear shocks for a ae86 are 50mm short than the oem units, although the oem ae86 units are most likely too soft, any performance (preferably adjustable) unit should work nicely as a short stoke unit.

I did all the measuring/ research myself so if there are any errors I'm sorry.

and from Hopeful:
part numbers for the MR2 front AGX shocks are... #765015

part numbers for the Camaro rear AGX shocks are... #743019


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