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Guides Title Part Numbers: TRD Front Springs, Negative Roll Blocks
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TRD has three types of springs.

"Race" springs are stiff enough for road racing or Autocross and can be used on the street, although ride will be highly affected. Ride height is lowered approximated one inch. "Rally" springs are designed purely for rally competition. They are softer (lower spring rate) than Race springs and raise ground clearance by approximately one inch. "Progressive Rate" springs get progressively stiffer as they are compressed and are ideal for street performance. Ride is not too adversely affected by minor bumps and potholes, but spirited driving causes them to provide stiffer response.

Application Part No. (2 required)
Race Springs, Front  
Corolla, 80-81 48131-002TE
Corolla, 82-83 48131-001TE
Corolla, 84-87 48131-AE801
Corolla, 88-89 48131-ST601
FX16, 86-88 48131-ST601
Celica, 71-77 48131-TA002
Celica, 78-81 48131-RA401
Celica, 82-85 48131-001RA
Celica, 86-89 48131-ST601
Supra, 79-81 48131-RA401
Supra, 82-85 48131-061MA
Supra, 86.5-89 48131-MA701
MR2, 85-88 48131-AW101
Rally Springs, Front  
Corolla, 75-78 48131-TE353
Corolla, 80-81 48131-TE051
AllTrac, 88-89 48131-STA51-40


Application Part No. (2 required)
Race Springs, Rear  
Corolla, 83-87 48231-AE801-90 (road race)
Corolla, 83-87 48231-AE801-80 (road race)
Corolla, 83-87 48231-AE801-70 (road race)
Corolla, 83-87 48231-AE801-65 (road race)
Corolla, 83-87 48231-AE801-60 (road race)
Corolla, 83-87 48231-AE801-55 (road race)
Corolla, 83-87 48231-AE801-51 (road race)
Corolla, 83-87 48231-AE801-47 (road race)
Corolla, 80-87 48231-AE801-43 (road race)
Corolla, 80-87 48231-AE801-39 (autocross)
Corolla, 88-89 48231-ST601
FX16, 86-89 48231-ST601
Celica, 71-77. 48231-TA002
Celica, 78-81 48231-RA401
Celica, 82-85 48231-061MA
Celica, 86-89 48231-ST601
Supra, 79-81 48231-RA401
Supra, 82-85 48231-061MA
Supra, 86.5-89 48231-MA701
MR2, 85-89 48231-AW101
Rally Springs, Rear  
AllTrac, 88-89 48231-STA51-36
Corolla, 80-81 48231-TE051
Celica, 82-85 48231-001RA


Application Part No. (2 required)
Progressive Rate Front & Rear Matched Spring Sets
Corolla, FX16, 89-90 48100-AE820
Corolla, RWD, 85-87 48100-AE860
Corolla, FWD, 88-90 48100-AE920
MR2, 85-90 48100-AW100
Lexus, LS400i, 89-90 48100-LS400
Supra, 82-85 48100-MA600
Supra, 86.5-89 48100-MA700
Cressida, 85-88 48100-MX700
Cressida, 89-90 48100-MX800
Celica, 82-85 (solid Axle) 48100-RA600
Celica, 82-85 (I.R.S.) 48100-RA650
Celica, 86-89 48100-ST160
Celica, 90-91 (N/A) 48100-ST180
Camry, 87-90 48100-SV200
MR2, 91 48100-SW200


Negative Roll Blocks, Corolla
When fitting springs which lower the front end on 75-87 Corollas, front end geometry is altered adversely. To correct it, TRD developed these blocks which are fitted to the lower control arm/strut junction. Reduces tendency to exhibit 'bump steer' and increases high-speed stability. Highly recommended.
Pt. No. 43200-AE801

!!!!!Please note some parts may no longer be in production!!!!!


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