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Guides Title AE86 Wheel/Rim Options
Name image 1985Trueno


Zenki = early model 1984-1985 in US/Canadian terms, 1983-1985 in JDM terms
Kouki = late model 1986-1987 in US/Canadian terms, late 1985-1987 in JDM terms

and there's this:

Chuuki = middle model, only Levin has this one. Don't know the exact year something is different about their front bumper and grille.

the difference between zenki and kouki can be pages long....think of it as they look the same....but different.

Pizza cutters = zenki OE wheels, looks like a pizza cutter with 4 blades. 14X5.5 4X114.3 +27. Available both in Gold and Silver in 1985. Gold only came with red cars.
Pizza Cutters

Snow flakes = kouki OE wheels, multispoke, looks like a snowflake, and thus the term. These were also available on Toyota Cressida's and Toyota Van's. 14X5.5 4X114.3 +27.

Van rims = Toyota Le Van OE wheels, it's like a disc... 14X5.5 +27
Van rims

Steelies = the rather special looking steelies found on 86s. These were the factory default rims if the buyer decided not to go with the optional alloys mentione above. Either has this zebra pattern or it's all black. Also found on Celica GTs.

Z rims = 280ZX non turbo wheels, 6 spokes 14X6 4X114.3 +12
Z rims

Swastikas = 280ZX turbo wheels, 15X6 4X114.3 +10. Has 4 spokes and some patterns making them look somewhat like Nazi's swastika sign.

"Iron Cross Z rim" = 4 spoke 280zx rims that look remarkably similar to Supra wheels but has 4 tiny little spokes where you'd expect to see the brake discs.
Iron Cross Z rim

Supras = Most common Supra wheels for the MKII Supras (and optional on some Celica GT-S' of the same time period). 4X2 spokes. 14X7 4X114.3 +8. Many people have problem with them scraping when the car is lowered.

Big Supras = Supra wheels rumored to be found in States. 15X6 4X114.3 +21. Looks exactly the same as baby Supras but are 15" in diameter. These are like the "special super rare drift rims" IMO... Toyota OE quality but plus one. That's like different...but not really, which makes it very cool.
Big Supras


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