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Guides Title AE86 Speaker Sizes
Name image GTS Jeff & TiN Man
Speakers for the AE86:

Front: 4"
Rear: 5.25"

For the front, if you get speakers with a huge magnet, you'll have to move some electrical stuff out of the way to fit the speakers in.

My suggestion for the best bang for the buck speakers are JBL GTOs. You might want to consider a component setup at the front (with tweeters on the dash pointing at the windshield or on the a pillar pointing somewhere) because the stock speaker placement up front sucks. The front passenger cant even hear anything from the drivers front speaker.

And from TiN Man:

The (87+) AW11 has 4" (i believe) at the front.

The tinyest speaker mounts I've EVER seen in the back on the door pillars. I'm guessing they'd fit 4" too.

The stock position for the speakers = on the MR2 as well because the instrument cluster is going to stop ANY sound from the driver's side speaker from reaching the passenger, great for the driver though.


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