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Guides Title Aircare 101
Name image Aedave
tips for aircare:
-fresh spark plugs(coppers are fine)
-is the rest of the ignition in good shape?(cap,rotor and wires)
-fresh/clean air filter
-1 liter of methyl hydrate
-$10 worth of mohawk super premium
-take the car for a good 10 minute run on the highway before aircare
-don't shut your engine off while in the testing lineup
-hold your revs a little bit higher than idle(about 2000rpm) for a couple of minutes just before you entering the aircare building, it gets the cat hot

some facts for everyone:

oxides of nitrogen aka: NOX are caused by high combustion temps, high compression engines create more of these, major contributor to acid rain, car makers reduced it by adding EGR and 3 way catalytic converters

hydrocarbons aka:HC is unburnt fuel, caused by too rich of a mixture or too lean of a mixture/bad ignition, car makers added catalytic converters/tuned engines more accurately

carbon monoxide aka:CO is caused by too rich of mixture, car makers added catalytic converters/tuned engines more accurately

catalytic converters aka:CATS are the "afterburners" that finish any leftovers from the engine, operate best when hot (driving not idleling), don't overheat cats from very rich mixtures it will melt the guts of the cat , cats have ceramic guts thus are prone to damage from impacts against the body of the cat

exhaust gas recirculation system aka:EGR allows a small amount of exhaust into the intake, it lowers combustion temps reducing NOX, reduces detonation allowing more advanced timing/higher compression , EGR only operates during light to medium load driving conditions, it does not operate at idle/full throttle/or on a cold engine

ignition systems must be in good condition or you'll have weak spark/misfire causing high emmisions and driving/bad idle problems

methyl hydrate is alcohol, burns cleaner than gas, corrosive to some parts of fuel systems, use as a supplment only does not have any additives so I would not recommend using as the primary fuel


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