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Name image SupraFiend
I'm pretty sure the AE86s use the same wheel studs as the Supras so this should apply to pretty much everyone. If you ever need to use spacers with a set of rims, you want to get yourself some oem replacment wheel studs for mid eighties toyota trucks. The pickups and land crusiers from that time all use the same ones so they won't be hard to find. If any of you have inquired about finding aftermarket lengthed studs, then you already know that they are pretty hard to find.

These are identical to the Supra ones except for 2 key differences. 1, they're exactly 8mm longer, and 2, the splines near the head are longer as well. I figgered this wouldn't be a problem because I thought the spline grooves in the axel shafts would go all the way through, but they don't. Then I figured, not a problem, I'll just torque them till they cut the grooves in the rest of the way, except that doesn't work so well. So you have to grind the splines down to the length of the original ones, not a big deal, easily accomplished with a grinding wheel, dremel, die grinder, or file if nothing else is available. To install them, you'll need a big nut that can easily pass over the studs to act as a spacer, and lug nut that you don't mind destroying. Slide the studs in throughthe back of the hub, try and line the splines up as much as possible, then slide the nut on the other end of the stud, and thread that lug nut on. Keep torquing the lug nut on till the stud has pulled all of the way through. You might need to get inventive to find a way to hold the hub in place. I used a hammer wedged between the ground and another stud on the hub.

Thats it, they gave me the exact sized stud I needed as I was using 7mm spacers. My last words of wisdom are, don't get them from Toyota like I did. Most parts shops carry aftermarket oem replacment studs, they should be cheap. Toyotas retail for 7 something each, I got them for 25 cents over cost which still came out to 5 bucks each. I paid 80 bucks for 16 bolts, ouch. Which brings up another important point, always check the price on something from Toyota BEFORE you special order something.

compare studs

Note the paint. These studs come galvanised so I figured it would be a good idea to throw some paint on the ground metal areas to prevent rust.


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