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Guides Title AE86 Fuse Locations
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Drivers side kick panel

1. RADIO 7.5A: Radio, cassette tape player, power rear view mirrors.

2. STOP 15A: Stop lights, electronic fuel injection system, cruise control system.

3. TAIL 15A: Tail lights, parking lights, license plate lights, side marker lights, instrument panel lights, clock.

4. RTR 10A: Retractable headlight system.

5. DOME 7.5A: Interior light, personal light, luggage compartment light, trunk room light, clock, open door warning light, key reminder buzzer.

6. IGN 7.5A: Discharge warning light, electronic fuel injection system.

7. CIG 15A: Cigarette lighter, digital clock display.

8. ECU IG 30A: Electric Sunroof

9. WIPER 20A: Windshield wipers and washer, rear window wiper and washer.

10. TURN 7.5A: Turn signal lights.

11. GAUGE 7.5A: Gauges and meters, warning lights and buzzer (except discharge and open door warning lights and key reminder buzzer), backup lights, environmental control system, automatic transmission overdrive system, cruise control system.

12. PWR 30A: Power windows.

Passengers side kick panel

13. 10A: Environmental cooling system

Engine compartment

14. CHARGE 7.5A: Discharge warning light, automatic choke.

15. HEAD (LH) 10A: Left hand headlight

16. HEAD (RH) 10A: Right hand headlight

17. HAZ-HORN 15A: Emergency flashers, horns.

18. ENGINE 10A: Charging system, emmission control system.

19. EFI 15A: Electronic fuel injection system.

20. RADIO 10A: Radio, cassette tape player.


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