6 Things To Keep In Mind If You’re Recovering From An Abusive Relationship

Heartbreaks are real. The mere fact that the person you thought would cherish you forever has left you all alone can be gut-wrenching. Couple a heartbreak with physical or mental abuse and you’d get the nightmare of a lifetime. If you’ve been a victim of an abusive relationship pondering over ways to make the nightmares stop, this post goes for you. Here are 6 things to keep in mind if you’re recovering from an abusive relationship:


Acceptance is the key to start the rejuvenation of your heavy heart. You cannot fix what you don’t acknowledge. You have absolute control over what has already happened. Accept whatever has happened and pledge that you won’t let anybody treat you that way ever again. Self-love is very important when it comes to recovering from an abusive relationship as it establishes you like your first priority.

Avoid Rebound Relationships:

Rebound relationships are the worst thing you can get yourself into after an abusive relationship has just come to an end. The main reason behind avoiding rebound relationships is the fact that you are not mentally sound enough to handle the expectations of your new partner. Besides, there always exists the possibility that your new partner falls genuinely in love with you and gets hurt seeing that you don’t exactly feel the same way about them.

Don’t Hold On To Things:

Everybody has a habit of clinging on to the little tokens of love handed over by their ex-partners in the relationship that has given them nothing but tears and sadness. The explanation behind such behavior is often found to be the fond memories that the gifts carry. Although it is nice to hold on to the memories of someone you miss dearly, it is equally stupid to remember someone who has treated you miserably.

Meet New People:

Many people tend to shy away from social interactions once they get out of an abusive relationship. This, however, isn’t exactly what they should be doing at such a crucial moment. Cutting down on social interactions makes them feel at peace temporarily but also increases their risk of getting too attached to being alone all the time. This can be risky as loneliness can often turn out to be the leading cause of depression at a later stage.

Meeting new people from www.torontoescorts.agency will ensure that you’re not just leaving the past behind but also making peace with it. Besides, one good friend can turn out to be all that you’ve been longing for the entire time.


Traveling is probably the best way to heal your broken heart. Take a backpack, pack your essentials and just leave for somewhere. It doesn’t need to be somewhere fancy to make you feel better. Traveling light is important as it takes your mind off the luggage and lets you focus on sightseeing.

Burn The Bridges:

This is probably the most important thing one should be doing as soon as they see a window to get out of the abusive relationship. It is very important to cut off contacts which are a bridge between you and your partner. Don’t be afraid to cut off people that might remind or prove to be a point of contact in case your ex decides to take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride again.

It is never a pleasant feeling to be left all alone. But you have got to keep in mind that unless you let the wrong person leave from your life, you can’t make space for the right person to walk in. Now that you know the do’s and don’ts for the time being, why don’t you go out and breathe in some fresh air?

How To Pack Your Kitchen When Moving Out?

It is really such a task to pack and move out of your present house to a new one. However exciting the end result is, the task in hand always seems tremendous. There are a lot of things to look after. One of the major places from where you need to pack things is the kitchen. A kitchen usually has a lot of different kinds of equipment. There are glassware, steelwares, electrical appliances, sharp knives, and edibles to be packed – amongst several other items.

In this post, we’ll deal with this task. We’ll show you how you can easily pack your kitchen and safely move all of your things to the new place. Before we do, have a look at this video which talks about the same:

You need specialized moving boxes and not the free ones

A kitchen is not like any other room. You can use the cardboard boxes to pack up your bedroom or bathroom supplies but for the kitchen, you need better quality boxes. You can rent out moving boxes from moving companies like www.matcocalgarymovers.com or, purchase specialized moving boxes from departmental stores.

Use boxes which have handles in them. It makes it easier to carry and safer too. You would want all your dishes to be in the same condition when you open the boxes at your new home.

Don’t Stuff The Boxes With Too Much Load

The items in the kitchen are usually delicate and/or heavy. It’s not like your clothes and bedsheets which you can stuff in one box. The glass dishes are fragile and steel ones are heavy. So are the electrical appliances such as microwave oven, mixer grinder, mini fridge, induction cooker, and others. It can turn out to be a disaster if you load up too much in every kitchen-related containers.

Keep Separate Boxes For Sharp Objects, Glasswares, and Metals

Never keep your glass dishes and metal utensils in the same box. You might think that everything would work out perfectly but no. It never works that way. Either you’ll have scratches all over your favorite glass bowls or, you’ll find those shattered to the bits.

Also, the same thing goes for sharp knives, forks, or other sharp pointy objects. If you put them with your metal utensils, they will have scratches all around them. You can prevent it from happening by covering the sharp objects with cloths. Or, just put them in a separate box.

How To Pack-up The Edibles?

If you don’t want to give out the food supplies you have to your neighbors or the poor, you would want to pack them and take them with you. However, there are certain things you should avoid taking with you. Like the cooking oil container, or the opened sauce bottles. They can always create major transportation issues. You can use packing tapes to seal packets of dry food items. For fresh fruits and vegetables, you can use plastic seal bags. Tote bags are of great use when you want to pack up the food items and take them to your new place.